I started my wellness journey probably 26 years ago by attending one of those ‘personal growth’ weekend workshops.
It sure did highlight for me how I was viewing the world and I learned that there are amazing people and tools out there that you can learn from, grow and then be the person you wish to be. Along the way I got married and had three children, all now adults. That for me was one of the most important jobs I have had – consciously raising three young people. I got lots of help along the way as I had lost my own Mother when I was 22 years old. So I needed to learn some new skills. I found these through the psychodrama model and a wonderful women called Faith who showed me a way to ‘get with’ my kids and my husband, as we grew and blossomed together. I started practicing yoga in the local church hall when my youngest child was born. Just once a week to begin with and then it slowly built into a regular practice, which culminated in me studying to be a yoga therapist to an advanced level. I learned that Yoga was more than an exercise, it was a science that worked on all the systems in the body. It also taught me how to ‘be’ with myself through the breath and meditation. I also started noticing how what you ate could effect how you felt and how you looked! I recently studied with the esteemed Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York and am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach, as well as a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), a Yoga Therapist and a Licensed HeartMath provider. I believe that health and wellness is within everyone’s reach. And I look forward to sharing what I know with you.
I taught both private and corporate clients and then I had my first major heath challenge. I had to have half my thyroid out which then took me on another journey to find out about hormones and food and how they affected my body.

The ‘stress’ card got pulled in my 40s with a busy household and a husband who was opening restaurants that I was assisting him with.

And so I learned how I could manage my stress and anxiety using techniques that I already had plus trained in the HeartMath model, using breathing techniques to attain coherence between head and heart. The main thing was actually ‘practising’. Nothing happens without it!!

I thought I was coping with my stress levels and then I had my first ‘panic attack’. I thought I was dying it felt so weird. I felt all woozy and out of control. Once diagnosed I was determined to find out why, delving more into my past and the feelings that had been triggered.

I kept doing the HeartMath techniques and got wonderful assistance from various practitioners to support me in getting a sense of control back in my life.

From these experiences I came to realize that Well being is not a destination it is a journey and in order to learn you have to be truly present with yourself. Please check out my recently published book Un Stress Me” available on Amazon or email me and I can arrange delivery in New Zealand.

I offer private HeartMath coaching sessions in Whanagamata and Auckland. Please contact me for available appointments in 2018.


My initial reaction on being advised to contact Belinda was that I didn’t need any external help, I was well able to do this myself. But after a few months I realized that I did need guidance and made contact. My original request was for guidance with HeartMath but after being offered a more whole health overview, committed to six months of fortnightly sessions.

This period has now ended and in summing up I was asked to make a list of all the things, no matter how small, that had changed in that time. Within a few minutes the list contained 16 items and I could have continued. I am extremely happy with the progress and changes that have taken place.

Belinda has gently yet subtlety guided my progress in such a way that made her suggestions seem like my own ideas. She has offered consistent positive encouragement in Inner Balance techniques, altering my diet, increasing exercise and has suggested other health supporters.

Belinda has enabled me to restore my feeling of well being and to refocus on positive lifestyle choices.

Carolyn, June 2014

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