On the 26th of October 2010 (?) I literally fell over! Flat on my face! I had to pick myself up and stumble to a neighbor to ask for assistance. An ambulance was called and all they told me was my blood pressure was high. Best I go and see my doctor!

And so began my journey to really LISTEN to my body!

The signs of stress and anxiety had probably been there for years but my body finally screamed at me – ENOUGH! So I literally had to cancel everything I was involved in and ‘take rest’! This began my journey to find out how to heal myself without medication.

I already knew so much about the healing and wellness world, having trained as a Yoga Therapist and been on the planet for 50 something years, but it was like I needed to dig deeper to really understand why this had happened and what could I do to get back to a healthy balanced life!

This book is about my journey and I share easy, everyday practices that you can bring into your daily routine that will help alleviate stress and help you find your healthy balance!

Unstress Me is a beautiful book from the calming cover to the insightful words within!! Belinda’s book is like a conversation with a friend not a lecture. Her knowledge is outstanding and it has been written in such a real and easy manner. Belinda has written a health legacy

Suzie Askew

‘Unstress Me’ is a must have book of tools for anyone who has ever been stressed, is currently dealing with stress, or who will no doubt face stress at some point in the future – ie. everyone!


An even greater blessing lies beneath the surface of this very engaging book. That is the author’s willingness to stand completely vulnerable in front of the reader. If this were not the case the answers provided would read like a hundred other books on the subject of anxiety. Because the author is not afraid to speak of her experiences no matter how embarrassing, her personal answers gain complete credence for the reader



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